Complete Front-End In Arabic 2023 ( Level 2 : JavaScript )

Learn modern JavaScript with new features in ECMAScript 6 and start using it in building websites

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#what's JavaScript ?
JavaScript is a lightweight programming language that web developers commonly use to create more dynamic interactions when developing web pages, applications, servers, and or even games.

Developers generally use JavaScript alongside HTML and CSS The scripting language works well with CSS in formatting HTML elements. However, JavaScript still maintains user interaction, something that CSS cannot do by itself.

JavaScript’s implementations within the web, mobile application, and game development make the scripting language worth learning. You can do so via learning platforms like BitDegree or by exploring free JavaScript templates and applications on code hosting platforms like GitHub.

#why to learn JavaScript ? 

JavaScript is an extremely versatile language. Once you’ve mastered it, the possibilities are endless: you can code on the client-side (frontend) using angular ٌand on the server-side (backend) using Node.js.

You can also develop web, mobile, and desktop apps using React.js, React Native, and Electron, and you can even get involved in machine learning.

If you want to become a frontend developer, JavaScript is a prerequisite. However, that’s not the only career path open to you as a JS expert. Mastering this key programming language could see you go on to work in full-stack development, games development, information security software engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence—to name just a few!

Ultimately, if you want any kind of development or engineering career, proficiency in this language is almost a must. So the next step is to study this course !

#Why learn vanilla JavaScript first?

When deciding whether or not to learn this language, what you’re really asking is whether or not you should learn “vanilla” JavaScript.

Vanilla JavaScript just means the basic language without any libraries or frameworks.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner JavaScript in front end

ماذا سأتعلم?

  • Learn Basics of programming via JavaScript and how to problem solving
  • Learn how to apply JS to the design ( HTML & CSS ) and control it
  • Build 8+ JavaScript small projects and 1 CRUD project
  • Learn js oop , ES6 , Asynchronous JavaScript
  • finishing level 1 of the course ( HMTL5 & CSS3)
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